Theory Test: The Admission Requirements

Before being admitted to the theoretical driving test there are a number of requirements to be met. On the one hand you must have certain proofs, on the other hand you must have visited a certain number of theory lessons.

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Requirements for registration for the theory test:

Here you can find out which requirements you have to meet for the theory test.

First of all you have to know that there are basic and additive ingredients in theoretical driving training. General rules such as right of way, danger theory or traffic signs are dealt with in the basic material. The additive deals with special regulations for "your" class. From the raw material you have to visit 12 double lessons. You can read in this table how many double lessons of additive are added for "your class".


By the way: If you already have a driving licence, this so-called "extension" halves the basic material to six double hours.

You can take your theoretical exam at the earliest three months before reaching the minimum age for the driving licence class. In class B this means 3 months before your 18th birthday; in class BF17 it is 3 months before your 17th birthday.

If your driver's license application has not yet been approved, you will not be admitted to the exam. This procedure is important in order to be able to determine whether the driving licence has possibly been removed and one wants to "obtain" a new one. The minimum age and validity of eye tests, first aid certificates, etc. are also checked. As soon as the application is approved, the inspection authority (e.g. TÜV or DEKRA) is given a so-called "inspection order" and your driving school is informed that your papers are complete.

A further requirement is that you pay the fees for the actual theory test in advance at the test organisation (e.g. TÜV or DEKRA). These are higher for the examination in one of the 12 official foreign languages than for the examination in German. Ask your driving school beforehand whether you will pay the money to the exam organization directly on the day of the exam or whether your driving school will pay the money for you and invoice you afterwards.

Make sure that you have a valid identity card or passport in good time before your test date. You must present this on the day of the exam so that "someone" cannot take the exam for you. If your ID card has expired, you must apply for a new or "temporary" ID card in good time.

The theory lessons make you fit for your theory exam and your driving lessons.

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