Afraid of the practical driving test?

Nervousness before exams is normal. The same goes for your driver's license. If, however, your fear takes over and you are paralyzed, you will suffer from examination anxiety. But there's something you can do about it! What's that? That's what we've put together for you here.

  • Shovel plenty of time before and after the exam to avoid stress.
  • Don't be pressured into completing your training prematurely - only your driving instructor can judge when you are ready for the exam: Nobody else! 
  • Do not set the test date close to other exams such as final exams or interviews.
  • Avoid an inspection date directly before traveling or moving.
  • Try to find a distraction that has nothing to do with the driver's license.
  • Do no more strenuous sports on the evening before to avoid pushing yourself artificially high.
  • Gymnastics or a quiet walk are allowed so that you stay relaxed and don't get tense from all the stress and headaches, neck aches or back pains that affect you during the exam.
  • If you are already totally tense from all the excitement, try it with relaxation exercises.
  • Don't drink alcohol.
  • Go to bed early, adequate sleep is important. If you can't get to sleep, don't take any sleep meds. Then get up again and distract yourself with a book or an episode of your favourite series, for example. A mild, soothing tea may also help you fall asleep.
  • Get up in time, not at the last minute.
  • Take a refreshing shower for a clear head.
  • Allow enough time for breakfast. If you can't get anything down, which is understandable, you shouldn't drink lots of coffee. That's especially causing a flutter of nerves.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Ensure an optimal field of vision (no sunglasses, no hair in the face).
  • Also here applies: Do not take any medication for calming!
  • Do not take painkillers as they can reduce your ability to react in traffic.
  • Do not drink diuretic drinks such as coffee, apple juice spritzer or fruit tea before the test. Best to stay with mineral water.
  • Of course, alcohol is also taboo. 
  • Go to the toilet again shortly before the practical exam!
  • Clarify before the test how the car can be ventilated (air conditioning, fan, sunroof, window).
  • Do small relaxation exercises at the traffic light during red phases.
  • If your legs or hands suddenly begin to tremble, please take a short break.
  • Talk to the examiner if you have not understood instructions or comments.
  • Small mistakes occur during every exam run. Often you can correct mistakes right on the spot or prove your skills elsewhere a few minutes later - don't let this unsettle you.
  • And always think of one thing: Even the examiner is only a human being! He wants no harm in you. He is only concerned with ensuring that the traffic rules are observed and that the test specimen's ability to drive can be determined.
Your driving school prepares you optimally for the practical driving test.

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