The most important facts about the practical test

In your driving lessons ,your driving school prepares you for the practical exam. But when can you take the practical exam, what is valid for the test drive and can you allow yourself to make mistakes? You can find the answers here.

After the successful test, the driver's license is transferred to freedom.

After theory comes the practice

The following applies to the practical examination for a car driving licence: No practical examination without first passing the theoretical examination. However, you can take your first driving lessons before you have passed the theory exam. Here your driving instructor decides after how many hours of theory you are ready for your first car ride.

You may take the practical exam at the earliest one month before reaching the minimum age. If you take the class B driving licence, i.e. 1 month before your 18th birthday, for BF17 it is 1 month before your 17th birthday.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said in general terms, but is very different from individual to individual. But it is always true: You need so many driving lessons until you can safely drive on your own. Only then will you pass the test.

However, the legislator has stipulated a minimum number of so-called "special trips" which are necessary for your driving test: At the first purchase of class B are 5 cross-country trips, 4 highway rides and 3 night rides. 

That depends on the class where you take the exam. In Class B, an average test drive lasts 45 minutes. However, this is not just the driving time, but also the technical driving preparations and any questions the examiner can ask you about operational and traffic safety are part of the examination time.

One time you didn't look and it happened? Don't worry: Not every mistake in the practical exam leads to failure. By performing well elsewhere, you can directly make up for small mistakes. In the case of the so-called "deadly sins", however, your test is unfortunately directly over - this includes, for example, a danger or damage to other road users, a violation of the overtaking ban or driving over a red traffic light.Here you can read through these mortal sins again and also which mistake leads to the result "not passed" when these accumulate.

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Fast driving school car drives away towards many signs

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