Driving licence category CE

Trailer driving licence

The "master class" among truck driving licences is the CE category. Concerning the permissible total weight of the combination of towing vehicle and trailer, there are no more restrictions. That is why professional drivers bear a particularly high responsibility in this case. 

If you're interested in transporting large numbers of people privately or professionally, the CE driving licence is the ideal choice. It can even be used to tow trailers with a total mass of over 750 kg. Further information on the CE driving licence category can be found on this page.

General information on the CE driving licence

  • Minimum age: You must be at least 21 years old to drive a CE category vehicle. However, it can be reduced to 18 by some state-recognised training occupations. These include professional drivers, driving specialists, road maintenance staff and plant firefighters.
  • Documents: A valid identity card or passport, biometric passport photo, possibly first aid course, ophthalmological certificate, medical certificate of physical and mental aptitude are required.
  • Limitation: All "truck categories" are only granted for five years. For renewal, a new medical and ophthalmological certificate must be presented.
  • Examinations: For the CE category, a theory examination and a practical examination must be taken again. Scroll down for the exact course of the training.
  • That's what you get to drive on a CE license: Motor vehicles of category C with a trailer exceeding 750 kg.

  • Trailer regulation: The permissible total weight may exceed 750 kg.
  • You will automatically receive the following licence categories: BE, C1E, T, D1E (D1 for pre-owners) and DE (D for pre-owners).
  • Aptitude test: A medical certificate must be presented in advance in order to issue or renew the C driving licence. This includes examinations of physical and mental aptitude. You can see what such a certificate looks like here.
  • Costs: The costs vary very strongly, therefore, it is difficult to give a cost estimate particularly with the category CE. We recommend that you complete categories C and CE at the same time to save time and money.
  • Special features: If you want to use the truck for commercial goods transport, you must have a basic qualification in accordance with the Professional Drivers Qualification Act (BKrFQG). Without these you are allowed to drive CE category trucks, but not commercially. You can find more information under "Frequently Asked Questions" on this page.
  • Another special feature: Anyone wishing to use CE category vehicles for commercial purposes must take part in further training every 5 years after the initial qualification.
  • This is how the training looks like


    For the theory, lessons will be generally six lessons raw material and four lessons category-specific additive à 90 minutes.

    In the theoretical test for the CE-driving license category, 30 questions must be answered, with a maximum of 10 error points. In this test, the incorrect answering of at least two questions with five error points each also leads to automatic non-existence. The examination usually lasts 45 minutes.


    The basic training (rides) depends on the individual abilities and learning progress of the driver. A general statement about the number cannot be made. However, the following special journeys are also compulsory for the category CE driving license:

    • C and CE together: 
      8x overland drive, 3x motorway drive, 3x night drive
    • Expand C to CE:
      5x overland drive, 2x highway drive,
      3x night drive
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