Hull insurance

Die Unterschiede

Collision damage waiver

The car is insured against:

  • theft, robbery, theft by an unauthorized person
  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Storm, hail, flooding
  • Collision/accident with furred game (deer or stags)
  • glass breakage
  • Cable damage after short circuit
  • marten bite (partial)

In the aforementioned cases of damage, the partial coverage reimburses the repair costs in the case of total damage to the replacement value of your vehicle.

fully comprehensive insurance

In addition to the damage claims, it also joins the partial coverage insurance:

  • All accidents, regardless of whether caused by third parties or self-inflicted - regardless of whether third parties are involved or not
  • Deliberate destruction or damage by strangers (vandalism)
Driving school sign on car roof

Find your driving school

But before you start looking for your first own car and insurance, you can first search for the perfect driving school that will make you fit for traffic.