Eye test at the optician's

That's how it works!

You want to get your driver's license and need a eye test? No problem. In this article you will learn everything about the eye test with different opticians in your city.

It's best to have your eyes checked by an optician for safe driving.
It's best to have your eyes checked by an optician for safe driving.

In most cases, a visit to an optician is the best and easiest way to obtain a certificate of vision for your driver's license. Here, you can decide for yourself whether you want to

  • only check your pure visual acuity (sufficient for your driver's license).
  •  or additionally determine the severity of visual impairment.

If you decide to have both points checked by an optician, you must allow about half an hour for this. Most opticians charge a fee for the eye test. You can find more detailed information about the costs of the vision test under Costs and Validity.

Let's go! Do the eye test at your city's optician.

Fielmann is undoubtedly one of the best-known opticians in Germany. In most cities, there are several stores, which makes the search for an optician in the vicinity even easier. If your decision falls on Fielmann, your wallet will thank you. Customers are offered the eye test here free of charge, only a small fee of approximately six euros is to be paid for the issuing of the expert opinion for the examination centre. You usually do not have to make an appointment with Fielmann, but it is advisable to do the eye test outside the weekend, as it can become very full at this time.

A good alternative represented in almost every city is Apollo Optik. Here, the eye test takes about fifteen minutes, requiring different devices. For this reason you have to expect costs of 15 Euro for a vision test at Apollo Optik including an expert opinion for the driving school. We recommend that you make an appointment with Apollo Optik for the eye test, so that the optician can take enough time for you. If there is little customer traffic, however, it is enough to just drop by the store.

You're from Berlin? Then there's a third option for you! Robin Look is an optician on the internet who also has his own stores around the federal capital. The Robin Look eye test for your driver's license is also free in most cases and is performed by qualified opticians. An appointment is also not obligatory. However, we also recommend avoiding the weekend in order to shorten potential waiting times.

Important for you

  • Eye test at the optician is sufficient for driving licence classes A and B
  • For classes C and D, an expert opinion must be provided by the ophthalmologist.
  • If the visual performance is below 70%, a visit to the ophthalmologist is obligatory.
Shortsightedness or farsightedness can be compensated without problems by a visual aid.

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