Handing over the driving license

When and where do I have to report?

Once you have received your fine notice, with the fine, points and driving ban noted, you have two weeks to appeal if there is a hardship case. After this period or after payment of the fine, the driving ban becomes legally effective and must be commenced.

Exactly when you have to start the driving ban depends on you. If you have already been banned from driving in the past two years, you are a repeat offender and must take it up as soon as the fine becomes effective. Regardless of whether you've already surrendered your driver's license or not.

First offenders, on the other hand, have a period of four months to freely choose the beginning of the mobility break. Officially, it begins with the issue of the driving licence. If you don't hand it in on time, you are threatened with confiscation of your driving licence and the driving ban starts automatically.

One moment you don't pay attention and your driver's license is gone.
One moment you don't pay attention and your driver's license is gone.

Where do I have to hand in my driver's license?

As a rule, you must hand in your driving licence to the authority that issued the fine. In some federal states, however, it is also possible to hand it in at the responsible police station. Please find out if that's possible in your case.

How you hand in your driver's license is up to you. You can either send it by registered mail or hand it in personally. Just make sure he gets to the agency on time. The return can be made either by post or by personal collection.

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Find your driving school

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