Your driver's license is your start into freedom.

The first driving lesson

Buckle up, engine on and off onto the road - unfortunately it doesn't go that fast in the first driving lesson.

And that's a good thing! The first hour of driving is for most people the first time behind the wheel and therefore often brings a lot of excitement with it. In order to prepare you mentally for your first real driving lesson, we answer frequently asked questions about the first ride in a driving school car.

Do I have to prepare for the first driving lesson?

Yes... Because theoretical preparation never hurts.
Before you start your first driving lesson, however, you have normally already completed a few theory lessons anyway and the car itself and traffic rules should no longer be completely new territory for you. Everything that goes beyond your theoretical knowledge you learn during your practical driving lessons.

No... You can be a beginner. 
You don't have to prepare for your first car ride in the practical sense! Every driving instructor is prepared to believe that you have no driving experience at all. You're going to driving school to get these, aren't you?! So don't worry, everything will be explained to you step by step and will be helped at any time if you can't understand something yet.

If you still want to prepare yourself for your first car ride, a driving school with a simulator is the right choice for you. So you can safely concentrate on shifting gears and clutching and practice your first turns and right-of-way situations in the protected room. When you get into the car for the first time, you can fully concentrate on the traffic because you already have basic skills such as shoulder vision, starting up and much more.

What to do if you are very nervous before driving?

First of all: You don't have to be nervous! Your driving instructor is trained for the situation of the first driving lesson and will not let you out on the road right from the start without precise instructions and help. Besides, you are not the first excited learner and therefore mistakes and lots of questions in such an unknown situation are perfectly normal and also important for the learning process.

Theoretically deal with important traffic rules and prepare yourself for tricky places in your surroundings with the Drivers Cam App, for example. You can also practice on the simulator and only get into the driving school car when you have got used to driving in virtual traffic. That's how you feel safe. In case of great uncertainty, our tips for staying relaxed will also help you. If you are particularly anxious or excited before your first driving lesson, talk to your driving instructor as well. He or she can provide you with special support during your first driving lesson.

How does my first driving lesson actually work out?

The course of the first driving lesson naturally depends on the driving school, driving instructor and, above all, the student driver. But we can still give you a rough overview:

The first unfamiliar thing will probably be that you will take the seat on the driver's side, while the instructor will sit on the passenger seat. Don't worry, you don't have to leave right away - the car will be explained to you first. This includes, for example, adjusting your sitting position and mirrors, explaining the various buttons and indicators and trying out the pedals, gears and indicators. If everything is not clear to you before you leave, do not hesitate to ask until you feel safe.

Now let's get going! But first only slowly and if necessary with the help of the driving instructor - did you know that your driving instructor also has a clutch, brake and accelerator pedal on his side? In an emergency, he can intervene in dangerous situations at any time, so don't panic, you're not alone!

First you will normally do your first starting exercises, get to know the clutch and get a feeling for the grinding point, the throttle and the steering. How far, fast and independently you will drive in your first driving lesson is very different and does not say anything about your abilities or the quality of your driving school. Your driving instructor must first get to know you and find out how much help you need at the beginning, for example when shifting gears, and can thus adapt to your learning (and of course driving) speed.

My first driving lesson didn't go well! What am I gonna do now?

The first driving lesson is over - and it didn't go well at all? This can happen and is mostly due to the excitement. One thing you mustn't forget: No one is born a master. The driving school is there for you to learn how to drive and not for you to show your driving instructor how well you can already drive. Don't worry, in the next driving lesson you will be safer and the driving will work better.