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The choice of driving school

What is particularly important to you when looking for a driving school?

From the age of 17 at the latest, most people start to think about their driving licence. One of the most important questions you ask yourself beforehand is which driving school you want to take your driving license to at. But apart from the costs, there are several other important factors that can help you choose the right driving school.

We asked four former students what they personally paid particular attention to before choosing a driving school. This will give you an overview of which factors can be decisive when choosing a driving school.

The organization of the theory lessons

"In my search for the right driving school, the organization of the theory lessons was particularly important to me. It should be especially vivid and interesting. It would be best if it also had interactive elements in order to be able to better understand the lesson. What especially helped me was to talk through the difficult theoretical questions. In addition, I always like it when the cycle of theory lessons is repeated at regular intervals so that I can easily make up for missed lessons."

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Opinion from friends and digital administration

"When I started to think about my driving license, the opinion of my environment was very important to me. I got tips from my family, but mainly from my friends who already have their driver's license in their pocket or are about to get it. In my circle of friends I asked older people what their experiences were with driving schools that were closer to being selected. What I missed a little at my driving school, for example, was the online component. I would have liked to be able to arrange my driving lessons online or regularly check my level of knowledge in a special online program or even reworke certain topics online, where it was difficult for me to understand them 100% in class." 

The design of the practical lessons & training material

"Personally, I paid attention to the organisation of the practical lessons during my driving school search. Lessons on the simulator are a must for me, as well as picking up or dropping students wherever they want. Of course, the lessons must also be structured in a meaningful way so that I learn something new every practical lesson or also practice my difficulties. Another point that I find very important in the search for a driving school is the available training material that the driving school uses. It was very important to me that I could learn on my mobile while I was on the go. That's why I'm very happy to have learned with Fahren Lernen Max because it prepared me so well for the exam."

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Proximity and flexibility of the driving school

Nähe und Flexibilität der Fahrschule

"When I was looking for a driving school, my main concern was that the distance between my home and the driving school should be as short as possible in order to get there as quickly as possible after my work. It was also important for me to find a driving school that offers theoretical lessons in the evening and has the flexibility of practical driving lessons. Since I didn't want to need more than two months for my driving licence, I also paid attention to how many lessons I would need without having to do unnecessary driving lessons and that I learn as much as possible in reasonable practice lessons. Luckily, I found the appropriate driving school where all the requirements were met."

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