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Reasons for the driver's license

Why did you get a driver's license?

Are you unsure why you need a driver's license? We have asked around and collected the most different reasons for the driver's license.

Finally being independent of parents on the road
My parents have to drive me all the time and I don't feel like it anymore. With my driver's license, I finally want to be more independent.
- Yasin (17), student

Make a round trip through Europe
I got my driver's license so that I could finally explore Europe by car. That has always been my dream.
- Hanna (19), student

To be able to drive home independently
The train doesn't always come on time or is very crowded, which bothers me especially at the end of the day. Thanks to my driver's license, I can get home quickly whenever and from wherever I want.
- Moritz (28), computer scientist

Discovering new things with my dog
My dog Tommy has already seen everything around our home and the walk rounds became very boring. Since I got my driver's license, we can always discover new places to sniff and romp around.
- Nele (21), trainee

Saving money with carpools
I drive to the vocational school together with 3 of my classmates, so we all save the monthly ticket for the public transport and get there and back cheaper.
- Amira (18), student

Living flexibly in the country
I live in the countryside, where there are not many shopping facilities that can be reached by public transport. So I can travel flexibly to the next town.
- Marianne (67), pensioner

More possibilities to practice the hobby
I love riding and my horse and I like to show what a great team we are at tournaments. I took the trailer driving license directly at the driving school, so I can practice my hobby independently.
- Nicole (37), horse trainer

Visiting my girlfriend when I want
My girlfriend lives 50 kilometers away and we would like to see each other regularly. Thanks to my driver's license, I can jump in the car and be flexible, no matter how late it gets at work.
- Dennis (25), nurse

Being on the road as a family without stress
I am a mother of 2 children and nothing works without a driver's license and a car. Especially the big purchases for the family are much easier to do.
- Julia (32), mother and housewife

Living freedom
I just like to be on the road and live life. Whether it's going to festivals with buddies, spontaneous weekend trips or vacationing in Croatia. The driver's license makes my ventures easier.
- Sebastian (24), automotive salesman

And why do you want to get your driver's license? 

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