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The first few kilometres alone

The first time without a driving instructor at the wheel!

Driving lessons are over and your license is finally in your pocket. The first time you go out on the street alone or with a companion. We've been asking around to find out what your first kilometres were like:

Sina: "My first route after driving school was right after I picked up my driving license. But I first got behind the wheel on a large car park in order to get used to the car during a few laps in a circle. Then I went out on the road and drove home."

Melina: "I made my driving license at the age of 17 and therefore drove accompanied for one year. Of course it was fun, but I was looking forward to the first few kilometres all alone in the car long before. For me it went then on my 18th birthday with the car into the city, in order to make errands for my party. All of a sudden I felt really independent and actually it went really well, because I was already quite safe because of the accompanied driving."

Niklas: "I really don't like remembering my first kilometres so much! My dad came up with the excellent idea that I should park in a multi-storey car park on my first trip after driving school. The way there went really well, but in the parking garage I stalled the car on the ramp and got so nervous that I couldn't drive it anymore... then the people behind me started honking their horns until I put on the handbrake, got out and told my father that he had to go on!".

Julian: "My first kilometres were quite unspectacular in themselves: I actually just drove to refuel. Fortunately I had already done this once in driving school. But because I enjoyed driving so much, I made several detours home. When I got there, my mother was worried about why it would take so long to refuel."

Lea: "My first car ride was when I drove my brother into football training. Somehow I was much more nervous than in the driving school and therefore I also felt the car stalled a hundred times. My brother was not so impressed by my driving style and on the way back he went home with a buddy. When I was a little more experienced, of course he liked to use my driving services again."

In theory, you'll learn everything you need to know to drive a car.
[Translate to English:] Und wie war deine erste Fahrt ohne Fahrlehrer?