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FAQ - Intensive course, vacation course or driving license in 7 days

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions about intensive or vacation courses. You'll learn what you need to do before registering and how to find out if an intensive course that will get you your driver's license in 2 weeks is right for you.



Driving license in 14 days: Can you do it?

The answer is: Yes, it is possible to take the driving test in 2 weeks. Some driving schools even promise that you will be ready for the practical driving test after only 7 days. However, it depends on various factors. Not all of them you can influence. So it is not only crucial how fast you can drive safely, responsibly and with foresight and how intensively you study for the theory test, it is also crucial when you get a test date at the TÜV or Dekra and whether your test application has already been approved.


What does an intensive course offer?

An intensive course offers you the same content as a conventional driver's license training. You complete the same number of theory hours and special drives and conclude the training with a theoretical and practical driving test. Only the period of time is shorter and thus represents the great advantage of an intensive course. What takes several months in the conventional driver's license training, takes place in the vacation or intensive course within a few days.


How long does the theory take?

A class B learner driver without previous possession needs 12 lessons of basic material and 2 lessons of additional material of 90 minutes each. How the theory lessons are divided up, whether there are fixed times for the theory or even block lessons or the driving school plans the intensive course, including theory lessons individually with you, depends on the training concept of the driving school.


How long does the practical part take?

For class B, at least 12 special trips (min. 5 intercity, min. 4 highway and min.

3 night drives) of 45 min each are prescribed. However, the number of actual driving hours varies individually and differs according to the ability of the learner driver.

In many driving schools the Vogel simulator is integrated as a fixed component in the successful training concept of the intensive course. In this way, before you get into the car in real traffic, you learn the basic skills such as starting and shifting gears, as well as turning and the right-of-way rules in a quiet and relaxed environment.



What do I have to bring or do beforehand?

Register in good time (at least 6 weeks before the start of the course is recommended) for the driver's license training at your driving school! It is also advantageous if you already have the certificates from your first aid course and the eye test with you.

Very important: when you register, your driving school will give you valuable information about the application for your driver's license, which you will submit to the responsible authority (driver's license office). Only when your application has been processed and approved will you be admitted to the theoretical and practical driving test.


Is an intensive course stressful?

Yes, an intensive course can be stressful. Because you learn what you would have had several weeks or months to learn in conventional driver training within a few days. If you plan to take the theory or practical test right after the course, the theory questions have to be on target. However, the advantage is that you can remember the theory much better because you can apply the knowledge directly in the practical driving lessons. In the intensive courses, it is common to take practical driving lessons in addition to several theory lessons in one day. You should therefore be flexible in terms of time and put other appointments on the back burner. The stress is always worth it, because if everything goes well, you will be ready for the test within a short time.


What happens if I fail the exam?

Then just try it again! The intensive course is an offer of the driving schools, which brings you faster and compact to the driving license. If you don't pass the test, you can simply take a few more driving lessons at most driving schools and try again. The access to your question training also remains. In most cases, you can switch flexibly to the regular driving course.


What does an intensive course cost?

An intensive course usually costs more than the usual way to get a driver's license. You may also have to pay extra for accommodation and meals. Your driving school will make an exact and precise training plan with you when you register. Also a detailed list of the costs. This way you know exactly what you will have to pay and can weigh up whether such a training course is right for you.

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