Afraid of the blackout before the exam? With the right preparation, exam anxiety has no chance.

What to do in case of examination anxiety in the driving school?

Sweaty hands, nervous fluttering and then a total blackout - the driving tests are an exceptional situation for many young people. But there are ways to protect oneself from the fear of examination and its consequences. What they are; you can find them here.

It's like hell: you passed the exam simulations at home on your PC with flying colors and in the theory exam you are totally on the line. Just perfectly parked during the driving hours and stalled the engine with the inspector on board. Exam fear is a particularly nasty spectre, because it leads to the fact that one is no longer able to recall its existing ability. Reason enough to take a closer look at the phenomenon.

10 tips against exam anxiety

  1. Do not take the exams until you are 100% sure that you have a good command of the material or driving.
  2. Don't take the driving exams in a stressful time, e.g. during your final exams. Also private stress with parents or friends can increase the exam anxiety.
  3. Do not tell all your friends and relatives about the time of the exam. So not only do you avoid personal pressure to perform, but you won't be told any horror stories about their experiences at that time, which aren't particularly reassuring.
  4. The day before your theoretical exam should be relaxed. Don't get involved with the subject matter. If you're well prepared, you'll be fine. You've got to distract yourself, go to the movies and change your mind. Don't go to bed too late!
  5. Before the practical exam it can be helpful to warm up a little. Many driving schools still offer driving lessons in the morning.
  6. Do not use sedatives. These only make you unnecessarily tired and slow down your reaction time and can be exactly the reason why you fail.
  7. Don't be unnecessarily afraid of the examiner. He decides whether you get your driver's license or not, but certainly has no intention of letting you fail. 
  8. If you're scared, try not to repress them. Let them go and accept them, but don't be involved around the clock. If you deal with fear too much, you'll only increase it!
  9. Try to put yourself in a pleasant and fearless state with the help of relaxation techniques (e.g. yoga, meditation, quiet music, relaxation bath etc.).
  10. Finally, it's all a question of attitude. Those who are afraid of failing the driving test should remember that there are much worse things (illness, loss of friends, etc.). If you fail, it won't end the world!
Failed practice? Cheer up, I'm sure it'll work out next time!
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