Maximum two persons in the vehicle

Hygiene rules in your driving school

Safety first - not only on the road

The corona virus currently affects almost every area of our everyday lives - including driving schools. For a certain period of time, the preparation of driving licences on the basis of e-learnings is a good alternative, but the personal theory lessons and also the practical driving lessons in the car are missing to be really well prepared. 

But now that it is back to the driving school, we have to be aware that, given the current situation, there are a few things to consider. Therefore, we have summarised the most important hygiene rules that you should follow in the driving school (and in your everyday life). Of course, your driving school will also do everything possible to ensure your safety. Some of the measures taken by the driving schools can also be found in this article. So the driving school's everyday life can start again - for sure!


Instead of a handshake, simply greet your counterpart with a friendly smile!

Because the renunciation of the firm handshake protects you and your counterpart.


At least 1.5 meter distance

Please always keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters. If this should not be possible, your driving school will provide virus protection walls to ensure the necessary safety.

At least 1.5 m distance

Stay at home with symptoms of illness

You're not feeling well? Then cancel your appointment at the driving school by phone until you are completely fit again - this way you prevent other people from getting infected.

Stay at home with symptoms of illness

Wash and disinfect hands regularly

Regular and thorough hand washing and disinfection is currently particularly important! Your driving school also provides disinfectant.

Wash and disinfect hands

Always wear a mouth and nose protector

With a mouth-and-nose protector you not only protect yourself, but above all your surroundings. Wear the mask especially in closed rooms and in driving school vehicles.

Always wear mouth and nose protection

Clarify appointments and inquiries by telephone

You have a question or would like to make an appointment? Just call your driving school and clarify your request by phone: This way you avoid unnecessary contact.

Clarify appointments and inquiries by telephone

Of course, all employees in your driving school also adhere to these rules. In addition, your driving school will take the following measures, among others, to make the driving school's everyday life as safe as possible for everyone involved.

Disinfection of surfaces in driving school and vehicle

Whether for example door handles in the driving school or steering wheel, gearshift, indicators etc. in the vehicle - your driving school always ensures that all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected.

Disinfection of surfaces

Regular ventilation of rooms and vehicles

The breaks between the theoretical lessons and between the practical driving lessons are used for thorough ventilation of the rooms and vehicles. This reduces the risk of infection.

Regular ventilation of rooms and vehicles

Dispensers with disinfectant are available

In order to bridge the time between regular hand washing, dispensers with disinfectant are available at your driving school.

Dispensers with disinfectant are available for customers and employees

Maximum two persons in the vehicle

Apart from the driving instructor and the student, there are no other people in the vehicle during the practical lessons. Because safety first!

Maximum two persons in the vehicle

Thanks for sticking to these rules!

Because this way, together we can achieve a safe driving school day and nothing stands in your way on the way to your driving licence. 

You haven't even started with your driving licence yet? Then start looking for a driving school near you now!

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